Large Bat Removal – Michigan:

Large Bat Removal – Michigan – 248.361.1528 –Today in Commerce Township our technicians will be completing a large bat exclusion. During the inspection, our technicians found massive amounts of guano inside the attic implying a large infestation. The bats are entering the attic through open eaves and gable vents. Our technicians will seal the entire home including all eaves and gable vents. On the main entry points technicians will install one-way bat doors to allow the bats to leave the attic but not get back inside. Once the bats are excluded we will complete a full attic restoration. ¬†During this process we will remove all the bat guano, replace insulation, sanitize, and install new insulation. We are the experts in live bat removal and restoration call Bat Specialists of Michigan today!

Large Bat Removal - Michigan