Raccoon in the Chimney in Brandon Twp –

When a mother raccoon sees an uncapped chimney, she sees a perfect nursery. It’s a safe and sheltered place to give birth to and raise her young until they are able to get around on their own. The fireplace chimney is usually preferred because the horizontal “smoke shelf ” is a convenient size to nestle with her kits, but she may also use the chimney venting a furnace.

** We recommended that you never use smoke or fire to drive animals out of chimneys! You will kill young raccoons not mature enough to climb and may even kill adults.**

The good news for people who don’t welcome a nursery in their home is that the family will move out on its own. If you know you’re dealing with only adult raccoons, you can use humane harassment techniques to get them to move out.

Put a cap on it – Most chimneys we are seeing right now with raccoon problems are the ones without a chimney cap or the one they have is heavily damaged.

Never attempt to install a chimney cap until you are certain that all animals have vacated the chimney. Shine a light up the flue to make sure there are no raccoons on the damper and smoke shelf. Next, check the chimney flue from the roof (or have a chimney sweep do it) to make sure no animals are present. As soon as the raccoons are gone, call a certified chimney sweep to clean your chimney of all nesting debris, and install a chimney cap.

If more immediate and direct intervention is required to evict raccoons, then we strongly recommend hiring professional like us to help. Evicting a raccoon can be difficult. There are potential safety risks to the homeowner and humanitarian concerns for the raccoons if the eviction isn’t done properly.

If you suspect you have a Raccoon in the chimney, call us today 248-361-1528