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ATTIC RESTORATION AND WILDLIFE WASTE DECONTAMINATION: Bats, Rats, Raccoons, Birds and other wildlife can create extensive damage to your attic and insulation. Birds, raccoons, rats, and bats all create problems in the attic because their droppings can all cause diseases of which most are respiratory like histoplasmosis. Raccoons can leave the eggs of ringworm which can be harmful to humans. It is important to removal all of the animal waste and even remove all of the damaged insulation from the attic.

BEFORE THE REMOVAL PROCESS: We make sure all the rooms have proper flooring down and plastic is hung to prevent the airborne spread of bacteria and fungi. Temporary lighting is set in the attic space for proper visualization to locate all of the damaged insulation and animal contamination.

REMOVING THE CONTAMINATED WASTE: Removing the damaged insulation is done either through a high powered 15 horse powered insulation vacuum or by bagging up the batted insulation into large construction trash bags. The waste and insulation is removed through an open window or gable vent into a dumpster buy never through the home.

DECONTAMINATING THE ATTIC: Once all of the droppings and insulation is removed from the attic it’s time to sanitize and deodorize the attic. We use an antimicrobial spray or fogger to decontaminate the attic and remove all foreign bacteria and fungi. After this we deodorize the attic with a latex based kills stain which locks in the odors keeping them from entering the home.

INSULATING THE ATTIC: The home owner can choose which type of insulation to be put back into the attic. We recommend installing cellulose insulation for proper air flow. Generally you will get up to an R-49 value and even R-60 if requested.

Need attic restoration, bat guano removal, or have raccoon damage? Contact The Bat Specialists of Michigan. We remove insulation contaminated wild animal waste in the entire state of Michigan. Here are some areas we service for wildlife decontamination.

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