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2505, 2018

Bat Specialists of Michigan

Bat Specialists of Michigan: Bat Specialists of Michigan, voted 2014 Best of Ortonville award winners for Bat Removal Services. We are active members of the Bat Conservatory International group and a top rated company through [...]

305, 2018

Maternity Bat Colony

Maternity Bat Colony: In the spring female bats form a maternity bat colony. This is done so that the mother bats can leave their pups all together once old enough, so they can go hunt. [...]

1503, 2018

Spring Bat Removal

Spring Bat Removal: As the snow melts, your roof thaws, the flowers bloom, bugs come out and so do the bats! Spring bat removal, and bat relocation during this time of year is a time [...]

1312, 2017

Winter Bats in Michigan

Winter Bats in Michigan: Winter bats in Michigan are usually forced to hibernate due to lack of insects to eat during this time. Brown bats typically hibernate in caves and unused mines. Northern populations of bats [...]

3101, 2018

Basement Bat Removal

Basement Bat Removal: Recently our team was called to a home for basement bat removal services. Bats will take shelter in the winter months to hibernate. Due to the increase in temps, the bats will [...]

2111, 2017

Attic Bat Guano Removal

Attic Bat Guano Removal: Attic bat guano removal done by the professionals at Bat Specialists of Michigan. Our team of experts are here to get the job done right. We use only the latest techniques [...]