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Spring Bat Removal

Spring Bat Removal: Spring bat removal should take place before pups are born if possible. During the late spring and summer, pregnant female little brown and big brown bats roost in dark, hot places. This is where they like to give birth and raise their young. Males, often live in solitary or in groups less [...]

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Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control

Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control: Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control is busy trapping. The mild weather is causing wildlife to move about more often. Therefore becoming a hassle for homeowners trying to deal with removing them and repairing damage done. That is why they call us, we have the experience and know how to get the job [...]

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Winter Bats Roosting in Attics

Winter Bats Roosting:   Winter bats roosting in attics on a cold winter day. Bats are in search of warmth as they are not able to survive in the colder weather. They will climb up and down walls between an attic and a basement seeking the warmest place to hibernate as they will do in [...]

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Winter Bat Removal Oakland County

Winter Bat Removal Oakland County: Winter bat removal Oakland County Michigan. It's cold outside now in Michigan and bats are roosting in the warmest places they can find. These Brown Bats found comfort in this attic. During hibernation, bats cycle through periods of torpor interrupted by brief periods of arousal when their body temperatures return to [...]

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Fall Bat Exclusion Time

Fall Bat Exclusion Time: It's fall bat exclusion time in Michigan. Bats use human structures because the traditional roosting platforms (tree bark with exfoliating bark) are more scarce today compared with what our landscape appeared like nearly 300 years ago. A few species have adapted and even flourished where they have found proper temperatures, humidity, [...]

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Summertime Bat Removal

Summertime Bat Removal: Summertime bat removal becomes necessary if you find they have invaded your home and made a roosting place or maternal colony. While removal is important, it is necessary to wait and be sure all pups are flying before doing an exclusion. Bats are the only mammals that truly fly, and they are [...]

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Bat Specialists of Michigan

Bat Specialists of Michigan: Bat Specialists of Michigan, voted 2014 Best of Ortonville award winners for Bat Removal Services. We are active members of the Bat Conservatory International group and a top rated company through Home Advisor. Additionally, our company has been locally owned and operated in Oakland County for over 21 years. Having certified, [...]

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Maternity Bat Colony

Maternity Bat Colony: In the spring female bats form a maternity bat colony. This is done so that the mother bats can leave their pups all together once old enough, so they can go hunt. Female bats mate in the fall and are able to hold the sperm in their uterus until spring. At this [...]

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Spring Bat Removal

Spring Bat Removal: As the snow melts, your roof thaws, the flowers bloom, bugs come out and so do the bats! Spring bat removal, and bat relocation during this time of year is a time sensitive matter.You want to make sure your exclusion and repairs are done before the juvenile pups are born. Maternal mothers [...]

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Winter Bats in Michigan

Winter Bats in Michigan: Winter bats in Michigan are usually forced to hibernate due to lack of insects to eat during this time. Brown bats typically hibernate in caves and unused mines. Northern populations of bats enter hibernation in early September and end in mid-May. While southern populations enter in November and end mid-March. Little brown [...]

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