Basement Bat Removal:

Recently our team was called to a home for basement bat removal services. Bats will take shelter in the winter months to hibernate. Due to the increase in temps, the bats will wake and want to feed. While navigating to find their next meal they can sometimes go the wrong way and end up stuck in your basement. Although you may think you can capture the bat yourself, its always better to call in the professionals.

Bat Removal process:

Bats prefer higher elevation and tend to enter a home from the top, such as through the roof or the chimney. By the time they’re occupying the basement, it can mean that they’ve populated the attic and the walls first.

Many people mistakenly try to seal their basement, thinking that will stop bats from getting in there. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough, because those bats aren’t coming in from below, they’re coming in from above and climbing down through the walls. Bat Exclusions can be done in the winter months, however the one way doors are left on until spring. We do this in order to not trap the colony inside. Once we can see the colony has left we will then remove the doors and seal all entry points. We will also do restoration services as needed.

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