5 year Warranty

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Our live bat removal service is backed by our 5 year warranty.  As long as no damage is done to our wildlife proofing we guarantee bats will not get back into the areas we have excluded them from. If they happen to get in,  you just need to let us know and we will resolve it quickly.

Bats will always to get back in to their roosting places. Bats may try to get into a spot they had previously lived for up to 5 years. Fortunately they will never create their own way in. They use existing holes in your home that are there from its construction. Our wildlife proofing will guarantee all of these holes are discovered and addressed. It allows us to guarantee that bats will not get into your home again for up to 5 years. They may also gain access through vents that are not properly screened. We will address all possible areas that they may get in during our bat control process.

Any bat control company worth its salt should provide a guarantee on their work. If the one you are currently working with is not please give us a call. We have the tools and experience to handle any size issue. We service both residential and commercial properties. The warranty has some exclusions which mainly comes down to if you do anything to alter the home which creates new gaps bats can use to gain access it voids the warranty. If you have an addition put on your house, new roof, or siding it can create new holes that these attic pests can take advantage of. If your roof has issues that cause water damage to our repairs that can void the warranty as well. If you want to know more please ask us about of 5 year warranty during our site inspection of your property.