Bat Exclusion in Fenton, MI

A customer called stating that they are hearing screeching and scratching in the walls above their ceiling.  We came out to her home and did a thorough inspection and found that there is a colony of bats living in her attic. We found all the daylight access points and started the process of excluding the bats from her home by installing one way doors and sealing up the entry points. One way doors will allow the bats to leave freely and safely, but will not let the bats come back in.   Once we know that we have gotten the entire colony out of her attic is when we can take out the one way doors and seal up the final entry points. Followed by spot cleaning and restoration of her attic from the damage caused by the bats and the bat guano.

If you are hearing scratching in your walls or fluttering late at night you probably have bats roosting in your attic.  The species of bats that we have here in Michigan are dwelling bats. This means the bats will roost in caves or similar structures. Your attic is an ideal place that has an abundance of places to keep warm and be high up and away from predators. Bats in Michigan live in colonies which can mean if left unchecked, your attic can contain a large number of them  living together.  To be successful in bat removal is finding and making sure that all entry points are fixed and sealed.

If you see bats it is not likely that you can remove them yourself. There is little chance that you could ensure you were able to get to the entire colony. If you did happen to remove them all once released they will all find their way back in regardless of how far away you take them.  That is why the Bat Specialists of Michigan not only guarantee we can remove the bats and we also can bat proof your home to ensure there is no way for them to return. We will back it with our 5 year warranty for any repairs we do to keep the bats out. Call us today 248-361-1528.