Bat Exclusion Season:

Its bat exclusion season. A live bat exclusion is the ridding of bats from areas where they are not wanted. This is typically a 3 step process. We follow all of the guidelines implemented by Bat Conservation International.

Step 1: A home inspection of the roof, perimeter of the home, chimney, and attic to determine where the colony of bats are roosting or entering the home. During your bat inspection we can determine if you need any additional work such as a spot clean or even a total attic restoration.

Step 2: Live bat removal through a live bat exclusion. We will use a one way door system. Bats can get out, but not back in. Installing these doors is crucial to the bat exclusion being successful. We recommend using an open airway system versus using a flapper or a hinge door device. Once the bats are out, we want to make sure they can’t get back in. We seal all areas with a galvanized hardware cloth and a 35-year silicone caulk. We give a full five year warranty on all repairs, NO BATS!

Step 3:  Approximately 30 days after the bat exclusion process we come back to your home to make sure all of your bats are gone and the bat proofing remains in good condition. At this time we removal all one-way door devices from your home. Generally bats will leave your home in less than a week, but sometimes it may take a little more time. Our technicians will return to make sure you will be bat free.

Step 4: Spot clean or attic restoration is the final step. This is a step that doesn’t always need to be done, depending on the amount time the bats were living there and the damage done will determine what if any further services you may need. The important thing is that there is no bat guano left anywhere in your home or office space. If there is we will complete the steps necessary to return your attic space to new.