Michigan Bat Guano Clean Up:

If you have had a bat infestation chances are you have a big mess to take care of. Bats will leave urine and guano all around the area where they roost. Therefore causing you big problems that you need to know how to handle before just diving into cleaning it up.Bat cleanup requires special equipment as it can pose incredible safety hazards.

Guano Clean Up Steps:

Before cleaning up the bat guano in your home, you must first remove the bats and seal off their entry points. It is illegal to fumigate, or harm bats while trying to remove them from a building. It is also illegal to seal off your home at night while the bats are out hunting. This is due to the fact that at any given time there may still be many members inside, and if there are flightless baby bats still in the roost, they will die. There are no effective commercial bat repellents, they just dont work. The only way to remove bats permanently is to perform a live bat exclusion. Only after the bats are gone and the building 100% sealed should you bother to begin the bat guano decontamination, removal, and deodorization process.

Once the bats are sealed out the cleanup of the guano can begin. Due to the health problems associated with bat guano, it is recommended that you have professionals do this. They are trained in safety precautions in dealing with hazardous waste materials. The first step in clean-up is to remove all of the loose guano from smooth surfaces. This can be done using a HEPA filtered vacuum to contain the hazardous waste. Next, the bulk of the guano should be removed, by shovel if necessary, and placed in sealed bags. All excess guano should be vacuumed up with a filter vacuum cleaner. Next, all of the smooth surfaces should be scrubbed thoroughly with an enzyme-based cleanser to remove guano and urine stains.

Final Step:

Finally its time to look at the insulation, if does not appear to have any guano on it, you can spray it with the enzyme cleaner. However, if the insulation is infused with guano it will have to be pulled up and replaced. This job must also be done while wearing a mask and to wet it down so the spores don’t get in the air as easily.

In the final step for guano clean up, an atomizing mist machine is used. It produces a fog of enzyme-based hazardous waste cleanser. The fogging method will ensure that the cleanser reaches every nook of the area, and it will break down any remaining organic matter left from the bats. Once the cleaning is complete, the area will no longer be a health hazard.

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