Attic Bat Guano Removal:

Attic bat guano removal done by the professionals at Bat Specialists of Michigan. Our team of experts are here to get the job done right. We use only the latest techniques in bat exclusion and clean up. While others may claim to be the best, we prove it with over 12,000 successful exclusions to date. Don’t settle for less, call us today!

One Big Job:

Recently we had a call about a large bat colony that had been roosting for over ten years in an old barn. The new owners wanted them out, so they called us to make it happen.  Our team of professionals went to survey the colony and found it to be the biggest they’d seen in quite some time. Furthermore, the amount of guano that had accumulated was massive. Because of the size of the colony it would take our team a few visits to get the job done. Since the barn was old the owner had to do some work to damaged areas. He replaced windows and rotted boards. Once that was done our technicians could come in and set up the one way bat doors to start the exclusion. This would be a process considering the size of the colony.

Finally after a month the bats had all left the building. Leaving behind a massive amount of guano. Because of the health hazards leaving guano behind can cause, the owner wanted us to remove it. What a job that was! It took our technicians several loads to get it all out but they finally did. Another thing we do after guano removal is to disinfect the area and replace any damaged materials. As a result the barn was now bat free and clean and ready for use again.

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