Bat Control Michigan is our specialty. The majority of our work comes from bat removal and for this reason we are members of the Bat Conservation International organization. This allows us to stay on top of trending issues with bats and techniques to deal with them. It is critical that the bat population in Michigan be protected as they eat 500-1000 insects a night. Imagine how over run we would be with insects if bats were removed from the environment!


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There is only one method of controlling bats that should ever be used in Michigan. That is live bat removal. This is accomplished through the use of one way doors this will allow the bats to leave freely from the roost for food and water as they would naturally. This means normal bat behavior is not interfered with. Once they pass through the one way door they are not able to come back in. Bat repellents are not effective and at best are only a temporary solution. The claims on the packages of bat repellents are generally exaggeration and once they wear off bats will be right back in where they started. Bat poison should absolutely never be used. It will hurt our environment and will introduce toxins into your home. This also will result in bats dying in your walls and attic in locations they cannot be reached. Bat trapping is also not recommended. Some companies will use a fine mesh net to trap the bats as they fly in or out of the roost. This results in the bats being tangled in the net. Many times this will result in the bats death either from being in the net too long or from wing injury.

If you have a bat flying around your living room we can help with that as well. A bat that has shown up in your living space or basement usually indicates you have a colony in your attic. If you want to try and remove the bat yourself please watch and wait for it to land. It will likely do so as it tires itself out from flying around your home. You will need a cardboard box and a piece of cardboard that will fit over the top of the open end of the box. You simply place the box over the bat and use the other piece of cardboard to push between the box and the wall. This will dislodge the bat from the wall and into the bat. Now use that cardboard as a lid and walk the bat outside! If you do decide to try this make sure you wear gloves and do not come in contact directly with the bat. If you need professional help we have removed hundreds of bats by hand.

If bats are hanging on the outside of your home it is not a direct indication that they are roosting in your attic. It could be simply that the bat was tired out eating all these pesky mosquitoes and needed a break. If it really bothers you there are some things you can do to dissuade them from hanging. You can install a motion sensor light as bats will generally not like bright lights. They sell battery powered ones for this purpose. You can also hand streamers or strips of tin foil around the area which the movement of will keep the bats away.

We are proud to offer a full service bat control solution to all of Michigan. Once we have removed the bats from your home we will ensure that there are no other areas they will be able to gain access. We also offer full service attic restoration when the situation warrants it. At times we can handle contamination with spot cleaning but in the event that the attic requires further cleaning we can handle it. We will leave your attic in pristine condition, likely insulated more than before we started. Call us today for more information on how our bat control services may be helpful to your home or business