Bat Removal Professionals:

Bat Specialist of Michigan is here for all your bat removal needs. All of our technicians are bat removal professionals with training and certification in the industry. Rest assured that when you call us you will receive only the best from start to finish. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Roosting Bats:

A homeowner in Michigan reported hearing noise at night coming from their ceiling. A home inspection was set up and one of our technicians went to investigate. He noted that there were holes in the screens of the roof vents. Once he entered the attic, bats were seen roosting near the entry point. Due to the technicians findings a bat exclusion was necessary to safely remove the bats. While repairing the screens and roof vents the technician also installed one way bat doors. As a result the bats will be able to leave but not return to roost there again. Furthermore, it was necessary to complete a attic spot clean. This is a three step process to clean and disinfect the damaged area in the attic.

You can trust the professionals at Bat Specialist of Michigan to get the job done right. We offer a five year warranty on repairs made as well as free competitive quotes. Call today 248-361-1528.