There is no such thing as a “bat repellent”. There are many gimmick devices out there that claim to be repellents but they flat out do not work. High frequency devices that plug into your wall will not work either. We have been in thousands of attics and seen extension cords running every which way with high frequency ultrasonic devices plugged into them trying to get the bats to fly out. If anything they move the bats closer to you, down your wall through an open register vent and into your home.

Moth balls, bat baits, bat repellents are all very infective. They don’t work! In fact they end up making your bat problem a larger issue than it has to be. Here are some things home owners have tried but DO NOT WORK!

Repellents To Control Unwanted Michigan Bats

Most repellents used are a temporary fix will not permanently control Michigan bats.

Moth Balls: Used as a bat repellent in the attic but using a lot of them will create a very strong odor but also can be hazardous to a humans’ health. Once the odor dissipates the bats will return if the entry points and structure of the home is not sealed properly.

Aerosol dog and cat repellents can be used if bats are roosting behind shutters, above front doors, or in sheltered areas where the bats are hanging. Never spray these repellents on the bats, because it will harm them. Only spray in the areas where the bats are roosting.

Sticky bird repellents- Tangle foot or sticky bird repellents should never be used for bats. The bats will get stuck to the structure and not be able to remove, thus keeping other bats trapped into your home or attic.

Bright lights- Hanging from the attic with extension cords hanging every which way is the classic thing that we see in the attic. This only moves bats closer to you and your family. Down your wall, underneath the insulation, and into your home. Lights, when left on can cause house fires. Not recommended to get bats out of the attic, however can be used to keep bats from roosting above your front door. Motion lights are probably the best.

Ultrasonic devices- Not effective in repelling bats. Plain and simple they don’t work. Be very skeptical of a pest control company trying to sell you these devices. It could end up costing you hundreds of dollars for nothing.

There are no chemicals registered in Michigan to get rid of bats. There used to be chemicals years ago, but these were harmful to humans and pets because they would be released into the home causing a great health risk.

Bat Removal takes a lot of effort and patience. Most people are looking for a quick, cheap and effective way to take care of the bat issue. Consider a professional bat removal specialist to remove your bats for you. We guarantee getting rid of your bats and always back it with a full five year warranty.