Bat Specialists of Michigan:

Bat Specialists of Michigan, voted 2014 Best of Ortonville award winners for Bat Removal Services. We are active members of the Bat Conservatory International group and a top rated company through Home Advisor. Additionally, our company has been locally owned and operated in Oakland County for over 21 years. Having certified, licensed, and insured technicians assures your getting the best quality service around. We specialize in live bat exclusions and relocation. All of our bat jobs are backed by a five year warranty. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
There are many companies in Michigan claiming to be bat specialists and live bat exclusion experts. We are the original Bat Specialists with over 21 years of providing top notch, award winning service to homeowners and commercial customers all over Michigan and beyond. We will provide you with fast friendly service that is GUARANTEED!

Bat Control in Michigan:

Bat control in Michigan is our specialty. We service commercial buildings as well as residential homes. Bat control is defined by locating colonies of bats within structures, excluding the bats, bat proofing the building, and cleaning up bat guano.

When bat control isn’t done, the result could be that thousands of bats will colonize in a building and live there for many generations. First generation bats will double, then triple, and so on. Bats are great for our environment but need to be controlled and kept out of living and working structures.

If roosting areas stay constructed bats can live there for thousands of years. Bats can cause great damage to the building structure, and also can be harmful to humans. Bat guano (poop) can remove paint, ruin insulation, corrode metals, and block ventilation systems. If the colony remains in tact long enough the amount of bat guano can begin to fall through dry wall and drop ceilings. When bat guano drys into a dust form it will be come airborne. The possibility of being inhaled by humans increases and can cause mild to severe respiratory diseases. Bat Specialists of Michigan can help prevent these potentially dangerous situations form occurring.

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