Is there a bat hanging over your door?

Call an expert to remove it by hand. If this isn’t an option for you then try a couple of techniques to keep the bats from hanging. Tape or staple aluminum foil or metal flashing to the area where they are hanging. The bats will try to hang on it but wont be able to grip onto it. Also when they give off their high frequency pitch it will reflect right off of the aluminum and deter them from landing. Battery operated motion lights sometimes do the trick. The bats fly in and the light kicks on. Bats can be sensitive to light and when it flashes in their eyes they will turn around and fly else where. Another thing you may try is cleaning the areas where the bats are hanging with ammonia. Not only will it clean off the urine staining it will get rid of the odor. Bats are attracted to there odor they leave behind.

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