Bats in the Summer Clarkston MI


During the summer season we often see bats hanging from the rafters in attics and above sheltered doorways. Bat removal, bat control and bat relocation during the Summer months should not be done until all juvenile pups are flying out of their roost. During these months bats are the most active because the temperature is hot and the insect population is at its highest. The maternal mothers leave their roost to feed and return to nurture their young. Bat pups are developing their wings and learning how to fly generally from the end of May until the beginning of August. This is only an estimated time period so it is very important to monitor the colonies and have your home inspected to determine if the pups are in flight. If it is determined your home has a maternal colony all bat proofing work can be performed except for the entry point where the bats are flying in and out of. Usually determined by rubbing marks (brown or black streaks from the oils on their fur) or bat guano (droppings) outside of the entry point.

Not all colonies are maternity colonies. Technicians can often determine if you have a maternal or bachelor male colony of bats. Its important to be 100% sure if you have a male colony before doing any of the bat exclusion work on the home. Even though bats are a nuisance and can create lots of damage to your home, they are protected animals and are very important to our environment.