Big and Little Brown Bats:

In Michigan we will most commonly see the Big and Little Brown Bats. They are the ones that people will usually find in their homes attics or basements. Most times its due to the bats making a navigational error and not that the bat wants to be there. Other times though, if left alone bats could make a roost in a home to keep warm in the winter months. Here is a little information on each the Big Brown Bat and The Little Brown Bat. Remember that if you need bat removal to call Bat Specialists of Michigan. 248-800-4126

Little brown bat
• Adult little brown bats are typically only 2.5 – 4 inches long from
nose to tail, about the size of an adult’s thumb.
• Fur is uniformly dark brown and glossy on the back with slightly
paler, grayish fur underneath.
• Wing membranes are dark brown with a typical wingspan of
8.5–11 inches.
• Little brown bat guano is about the size of a typical grain of
uncooked rice. The big brown bat guano is larger.
Big brown bat
• Larger in size than little brown bats, about 4 to 5 inches in body length.
• A broader nose stands out compared to that of a little brown.
• The fur looks long and silky, and is typically chocolate brown in color.
• The wing membranes, ears, feet and face are dark brown to blackish in color
with an 11-13 inch wingspan.