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3101, 2018

Basement Bat Removal

Basement Bat Removal: Recently our team was called to a home for basement bat removal services. Bats will take shelter in the winter months to hibernate. Due to the increase in temps, the bats will [...]

2111, 2017

Attic Bat Guano Removal

Attic Bat Guano Removal: Attic bat guano removal done by the professionals at Bat Specialists of Michigan. Our team of experts are here to get the job done right. We use only the latest techniques [...]

111, 2017

Cold Weather Bat Removal

Cold Weather Bat Removal: Cold weather bat removal done by the professionals at Bat Specialists of Michigan. While others may claim to be the best, we have proven it with over 12,000 successful bat exclusions [...]

1310, 2017

Michigan Bat Guano Clean Up

Michigan Bat Guano Clean Up: If you have had a bat infestation chances are you have a big mess to take care of. Bats will leave urine and guano all around the area where they [...]

2709, 2017

Michigan’s Big Brown Bats

Michigan's Big Brown Bats: Michigan's big brown bats are insectivores, eating mostly beetles. They will also eat other flying insects including moths, flies, wasps, and others. They use their strong teeth to chew though the [...]

1509, 2017

Michigan Fall Bat Exclusions

Michigan Fall Bat Exclusions: Michigan fall bat exclusions are keeping us busy at Bat Specialists of Michigan. Our team of trained professionals is ready to solve your bat problems. If your hearing scratching in your [...]