Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control

Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control: Sullivans Nuisance Animal Control is busy trapping. The mild weather is causing wildlife to move about more often. Therefore becoming a hassle for homeowners trying to deal with removing them and repairing damage done. That is why they call us, we have the experience and know how to get the job [...]

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Springtime Brown Bats

Springtime Brown Bats: In Springtime brown bats are born and live in nursery colonies that can house thousands of mother and baby bats. During birth, the mother bat hangs right-side up. She will give birth to only one pup.  Once born, the baby bat attaches to his mother to nurse. Baby brown bats will nurse [...]

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Bat Removal Professionals

Bat Removal Professionals: Bat Specialists of Michigan, your bat removal professionals. We pride ourselves in providing top notch, quality work for all our customers. Our staff includes field technicians that are highly trained and certified in the industry. As a result, we take the guess work out of bat removal and get the job done [...]

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Humane Bat Removal – Michigan

Humane Bat Removal - Michigan: Humane Bat Removal - Michigan -  On today's agenda, we will be completing a full bat exclusion on a couple of houses in Shelby Township. First of all we will seal all entry points to prevent future entry into the house. In addition, one way bat doors will be installed on the main [...]

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Attic Spot Cleaning – Michigan

Attic Spot Cleaning - Michigan: Attic Spot Cleaning - Michigan - While completing a bat exclusion on a home in Commerce, it was noted that  damage was done in the attic. Due to bat guano left behind a complete spot cleaning of the attic will be needed. Having nuisance wildlife in your attic can be a [...]

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Extensive Bat Inspection Services – Clarkston

Extensive Bat Inspection Services – Clarkston  We provide Extensive Bat Inspection Services - Clarkston and all of Southeast Michigan. If you have bats in your attic we will locate the bat colony and the entry points. The technician will give you a written explanation of the problem identified as well an itemized price list of [...]

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Thorough Bat Inspection –

Thorough Bat Inspection - At a home in Commerce Township, our technicians found brown bats are entering the attic through 16 open eaves. There was minimal amount of bat guano found inside the attic along with some mouse tunneling in the insulation. When we complete this exclusion we will install one-way bat doors to allow [...]

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Full 5-year warranty – Michigan

Our bat removal is backed by our full 5-year warranty - Michigan - 248.361.1528 - The Bat Specialists of Michigan are proud to guarantee our work on bat removal and bird exclusions for 5 years. With these types of animals it is a guarantee that they will attempt to regain entry and with our wildlife [...]

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Wildlife Proofing Services of S.E Michigan

Wildlife Proofing Services -248.361.1528 - Wildlife proofing your home is essential when dealing with the unwanted pest. Most wild animals are very territorial and will often come back to a home if the repairs not done right. We offer all types of repairs. Chimney caps, eaves, gable vents, ridge vents, bathroom vent covers, caulking, screening, [...]

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Sealing Home for Bats in Oakland

Sealing Home for Bats - 248.361.1528 - In Commerce Twp, we completed a full bat exclusion on a home that had bats inside the home. Our technician sealed all open eaves and at the soffit where it meets with the brick all the way around the home. Three one-way bat doors were installed that will allow the bats [...]

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