Big and Little Brown Bats

Big and Little Brown Bats: In Michigan we will most commonly see the Big and Little Brown Bats. They are the ones that people will usually find in their homes attics or basements. Most times its due to the bats making a navigational error and not that the bat wants to be there. Other times [...]

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Fall Bat Removal in Michigan

Fall Bat Removal in Michigan: Fall bat removal in Michigan is keeping us busy! Bat Specialists of Michigan is your one stop shop for all your bat removal needs. We are here to help you be bat free as well as conserve the great species of bats that live here in Michigan. We only do [...]

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Bat Exclusion Season

Bat Exclusion Season: Its bat exclusion season. A live bat exclusion is the ridding of bats from areas where they are not wanted. This is typically a 3 step process. We follow all of the guidelines implemented by Bat Conservation International. Step 1: A home inspection of the roof, perimeter of the home, chimney, and attic [...]

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Bat Removal in Summer Months

Bat Removal in Summer Months: Bat removal done in the summer months has to be done carefully. Our technicians are trained to look for maternity colonies before setting up an exclusion, this ensures the safety of any pups that may not be flying yet. Doing an exclusion at this time would leave the pups stranded [...]

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Michigan Summer Bats

Michigan Summer Bats: Michigan summer bats are out in full force. Bats make good neighbors. They are the only major predators of night flying insects and play an important role in controlling many insect pests. Just one bat can consume as many as 500 insects in just one hour, and up to 3,000 insects every night. [...]

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Michigan Spring Bats

Michigan Spring Bats: Michigan Spring bats are organizing their nursery colonies and getting ready to have their pups soon. Mating is random and promiscuous. Both males and females mate with more than one partner. The female can then hold the sperm allowing conception after the winter months occur. As a beginning to mating season, you may [...]

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Spring Bat Removal

Spring Bat Removal: Spring bat removal should take place before pups are born if possible. During the late spring and summer, pregnant female little brown and big brown bats roost in dark, hot places. This is where they like to give birth and raise their young. Males, often live in solitary or in groups less [...]

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Winter Bats Roosting in Attics

Winter Bats Roosting:   Winter bats roosting in attics on a cold winter day. Bats are in search of warmth as they are not able to survive in the colder weather. They will climb up and down walls between an attic and a basement seeking the warmest place to hibernate as they will do in [...]

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Winter Bat Removal Oakland County

Winter Bat Removal Oakland County: Winter bat removal Oakland County Michigan. It's cold outside now in Michigan and bats are roosting in the warmest places they can find. These Brown Bats found comfort in this attic. During hibernation, bats cycle through periods of torpor interrupted by brief periods of arousal when their body temperatures return to [...]

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Fall Bat Exclusion Time

Fall Bat Exclusion Time: It's fall bat exclusion time in Michigan. Bats use human structures because the traditional roosting platforms (tree bark with exfoliating bark) are more scarce today compared with what our landscape appeared like nearly 300 years ago. A few species have adapted and even flourished where they have found proper temperatures, humidity, [...]

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