Bird Removal Services

Bird Removal Services in Oak Park, MI - 248.361.1528 -  Customer called stating that they have heard noises in their attic and is unsure of what is in there and would like us to come and take a look to see what it is. Our technician did a complete inspection and found that they have [...]

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Squirrel Control Services

Squirrel Control Services and Removal  248-361-1528 -A call came in from a customer stating that they have seen squirrels running around on the top of their house. They believe that the squirrels are getting inside to the attic or possibly other areas in the house. Our technician went out there and completed a full attic, [...]

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Bat Inspections Commerce MI

Bat Inspections Commerce MI Home Inspection Do you hear noises in your attic? Contact us for a site inspection at 248.361.1528! We provide a full service inspection to identify the scope and depth of your bat control needs. If you are hearing noises in your attic we will determine what is there and how it [...]

Bats in the Summer Clarkston MI

Bats in the Summer Clarkston MI   During the summer season we often see bats hanging from the rafters in attics and above sheltered doorways. Bat removal, bat control and bat relocation during the Summer months should not be done until all juvenile pups are flying out of their roost. During these months bats are [...]

Bat Exclusion Milford MI

Bat Exclusion Milford MI Bats in the attic If you are hearing scratching in your walls or fluttering late at night you probably have bats in your attic. The species of bats in Michigan are dwelling bats.  This means that they roost in caves or similar structures. Your attic is an ideal place that has [...]

Complete bat inspection Commerce MI

We had a customer call us and ask us to come out because they saw bats flying in and out of their roof while outside. We came out did a complete inspection of their roof, attic and perimeter. We look for any openings or holes the size of a number 2 pencil or larger.  We [...]

Bat inspection – Columbus MI

Bat Inspection - Columbus, MI We did an bat inspection in Columbus MI. Customer had seen bats coming out of the roof at night and also one made it's way into the home. Our technician came out did a thorough and complete attic, roof and perimeter inspection. What we are looking for is any hole [...]

Bat exclusion in Michigan

Are you having issues with bats in your home?  Are you hearing noises or seeing them fly in and out of  a particular area? Then call us today so that we can inspect and provide you with a quote on doing an exclusion to humanely and safely remove bats from your home. We perform live [...]

Bat inspection Michigan

Do you notice noises in your attic at night? Or see bats flying in and out of your roof?  Maybe you have had a bat inside your house! Have you noticed bat droppings (also known as guano)? If so please call us for a bat inspection!  We will have one of our trained professionals come [...]

Bat removal in Michigan

Bat Control Michigan is our specialty. The majority of our work comes from bat removal and for this reason we are members of the Bat Conservation International organization. This allows us to stay on top of trending issues with bats and techniques to deal with them. It is critical that the bat population in Michigan [...]