Cold Weather Bat Removal:

Cold weather bat removal done by the professionals at Bat Specialists of Michigan. While others may claim to be the best, we have proven it with over 12,000 successful bat exclusions to date. Let our certified technicians get the job done right for you.

Cold Weather Exclusions:

Bats are warm blooded mammals that seek warmth in the colder months. Due to their body structure they are able to fit into small places making it easy for them to access your homes attic space. While seeking warmth they will crawl up and down your walls trying to get closer to the heat source. Sometimes this causes them to get stuck in your basement. Since bats hibernate this can mean they end up roosting in your home all winter unless you take measures to remove them.

Having bats in your home for an extended amount of time can cause some pretty big issues. First of all, they will defecate leaving guano wherever they are. Bat guano is known to cause a disease called Histoplasmosis which affects the lungs and breathing. While removing the guano is the best solution, you must be sure to take the right precautions. Bat Specialists of Michigan has trained, certified technicians ready to get the job done right.

Removing Bats:

Removing bats is done by a doing a bat exclusion. First of all, our technicians will do a full home inspection to locate the colony and determine the size. Because its after maternity season there is no need to wait as all the bats will be flying. After locating the entry points we will install our one way bat doors allowing the bats to leave but not be able to get back in once outside your home. Once all the bats have left we can then seal the home and do the attic clean out making your home bat proofed for the future.

If your hearing scratching noises in your ceiling or walls, call Bat Specialists of Michigan today. Were here to assist you in all your bat removal needs. Satisfaction Guaranteed! 248-800-4126