Fall Bat Exclusion Time:

It’s fall bat exclusion time in Michigan.

Bats use human structures because the traditional roosting platforms (tree bark with exfoliating bark) are more scarce today compared with what our landscape appeared like nearly 300 years ago. A few species have adapted and even flourished where they have found proper temperatures, humidity, and crevices in certain man-made structures such as attics and steeples. As new better construction replaces the old, bats are having difficulty finding even a basic home.

This makes it important to seal the structure’s entrances, which may be cracks less than 1/4” wide. Otherwise, a new colony will usually take up residence after the old one is gone. By watching them in the summer as they exit, these entrances can be located. There may also be staining visible just below these entrances. Sealing should take place in late Oct-Dec when all pups are flying.

In some warm regions bats occupy structures throughout the year. In this case a more aggressive approach is taken to seal all entrances except the main. At that point a one way door is installed to allow bats to escape but not reenter. Structures should not be sealed in summer or early fall because flightless young may be trapped inside. Patience is required to win, as may take three seasons or more to completely bat-proof a structure. Persistent bats will use less desirable entrances once the main ones are blocked.

Installing a bat house during an eviction process can sometimes be helpful, as bats will opt for the better available roosting spot. However, bats will never completely abandon a structure they’ve been in until repairs are made that keep them out.

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