Fall Bat Removal in Michigan:

Fall bat removal in Michigan is keeping us busy! Bat Specialists of Michigan is your one stop shop for all your bat removal needs. We are here to help you be bat free as well as conserve the great species of bats that live here in Michigan. We only do live bat exclusions as to never harm the bats we remove. Our patented One-Way Door system is unique in that it only allows the bats to fly out of it. When trying to return through the door bats are not able to get back in. This then forces them to go find a new roosting place that is not in your home.

Bat Removal Season:

In this bat removal season it is important to get bats out before it is to cold and they go dormant. Once bats are dormant they do not fly out to hunt every night anymore. This will make excluding them a harder task. If left to roost all winter long, you may then be looking at having a maternal colony come late spring. Bat removal is not prohibited if there are pups in the roost that can not yet fly on their own. Bats can cause damage to your home if left for a long time. If you or someone you know needs bat removal, call Bat Specialists of Michigan today! 248-800-4126