Live Skunk Removal – 248.361.1528 – We recently completed a skunk removal job in White Lake. The skunk had made a den under a homeowner’s deck and was making it quite a nuisance. We were able to determine the exact location of the den and set up live traps to catch the skunk. It allowed us to remove the skunk without any poisons or other environmentally unsafe practices. We caught the skunk within 2 days of the traps being set and have since relocated the skunk to a more suitable area. We also advised the homeowner that they should have a barrier around the bottom of their deck to keep other animals from living under it. We will be completing the wildlife proofing this week.

If you have any skunk removal needs in Southeast Michigan we are able to help. We handle both residential and commercial properties and have the equipment to handle any size job. We have moved 6-8 skunks at a time before and have the expertise to do so at any time. Please give us a call today at 248-361-1528 for more information on how we can handle your skunk removal job today.

Live Skunk Removal