Maternity Bat Colony:

In the spring female bats form a maternity bat colony. This is done so that the mother bats can leave their pups all together once old enough, so they can go hunt. Female bats mate in the fall and are able to hold the sperm in their uterus until spring. At this time they will then become pregnant and give birth usually during May or June. It’s unusual for a bat to give birth to more than one pup at a time. Furthermore, they give birth while hanging upsidedown! The pup then climbs up the mother and attaches itself to her teet where it will stay for about three weeks. After this time the mother will then leave the pup while it goes to hunt at night.

Bat Exclusions:

Once bats have formed maternity colonies and had their pups, doing an exclusion becomes an issue. Bats are federally protected and doing an exclusion when there are pups in the roost is not allowed. Therefore it becomes necessary to wait until the pups are older and can fly before an exclusion can be done. Bat Specialists of Michigan has the experience and know how to deal with these delicate situations. Our team of certifed technicians will come and assess your situation and come up with a plan that best suits your needs without harming any bats in the process.  We offer a satisfaction guarantee as well as a five year warranty on all of our repairs. If you or someone you know is having a bat problem, call Bat Specialists of Michigan today. You will be glad you hired the best. 248-800-4126