Michigan Bat Removal:

The best Michigan bat removal companies will have certified, trained technicians to make sure the job is done right. At Bat Specialists of Michigan all our bat technicians are put through training and certification courses. We are also proud members of Bat Conservation International. Bats are federally protected so trusting the professionals to remove bats in your house or outdoor structures is your safest bet.

Bat Inspection:

We start by doing a full home inspection where our technicians will look for entry points. These entry points can be on roofs, chimneys, and sometimes windows. In addition, they will look inside the attic to see if there are any bats roosting. Once completing the inspection we will look at the findings and come up with a plan to rid you of your unwanted guests.

The final step is called a bat exclusion. First, one way bat doors will be installed to allow the bats to leave but not return. Then the entry points will be repaired and sealed. Its now time to do either a attic spot clean or full restoration depending on the damage left behind. After waiting a few weeks, we will come back and check to see the bats are gone and then remove the bat doors and seal the area off leaving you bat free.

If your hearing scratching noises in your walls or ceiling at night Call Us Now! Bat Specialists of Michigan your #1 bat removal company. 248-800-4126