Michigan Fall Bat Exclusions:

Michigan fall bat exclusions are keeping us busy at Bat Specialists of Michigan. Our team of trained professionals is ready to solve your bat problems. If your hearing scratching in your walls or ceilings, you need to call us. We can do a home inspection and fix your bat issues.

Bat Exclusions:

Our phones have been ringing a lot recently due to homeowners having bat problems. This is the time of year where bats are all full grown and now preparing for the colder months. While having ample supply of insects now, that supply will start going down soon. Bats must also find a roosting place where they can keep warm and hibernate. Your homes attic provides just that. Bats can fit into a very small opening making it easy for them to gain access. If your hearing noises at night, in your home, you may have a bat attempting to roost.

Bat Specialists of Michigan will do a full home inspection looking for any signs of bats. Our team of professional technicians will install One Way bat doors and seal off all entry points making it safe for the bats to escape but not regain entry. Furthermore, we offer attic spot cleaning or full restoration services if needed after your exclusion.

For more information please call our office at 248-800-4126