Michigan Summer Bats:

Michigan summer bats are out in full force. Bats make good neighbors. They are the only major predators of night flying insects and play an important role in controlling many insect pests. Just one bat can consume as many as 500 insects in just one hour, and up to 3,000 insects every night. A colony of just 100 little brown bats, can consume as many as a quarter of a million mosquitoes and other small insects each night.

Big brown bats, live primarily in agricultural areas and feed on June bugs, cucumber beetles, green and brown stink bugs, and leafhoppers. Research has shown that over the course of a summer, a colony of 150 big brown bats can eat 38,000 cucumber beetles, 16,000 June bugs, 19,000 stink bugs, and 50,000 leafhoppers. This can prevent the hatching of up to 18 million corn rootworms by devouring the adult beetles. Bats use their mouths to scoop small insects out of the air. Larger insects are often disabled with a quick bite and then carried to the ground or to a tree branch for eating. If an insect tries to escape, a bat can flick out a wing to nab the insect and draw it into its mouth. This ability makes a bat a very efficient predators! A bat may consume nearly 50 percent of its body weight in insects in a single night! Bats are very good for our environment and are protected by federal law. That’s why its important to have the right bat removal company when dealing with bats in your home. Bat Specialists of Michigan is the company to call for all your bat issues. Call today for your free home inspection. 248-800-4126