One Way Bat Door Installation-Michigan:

One Way Bat Door– We received a call from a homeowner in Belleville. They had found a bat in their basement. Upon inspection our technician found that the bats were getting in through open eves and gable vents in the roof. They were then climbing down the walls to the basement. We completed our bat exclusion by sealing and screening twelve open eves and three gable vents. This will prevent any further entry by bats. We then installed our one way bat door which allows the bats inside to exit but will not allow any re-entry into the home. This bat exclusion was completed in just two appointments.

We pride ourselves in humanely and safely removing the bats in a natural way as to not harm them. Bats are a federally protected animal and as you can imagine would be difficult to catch, that is why the use of the one way bat door is the best way to make sure the bats can safely leave your home and not return. If you suspect bats in your home please call us at Bat Specialists of Michigan, where bats are our business. 248.361.1528