Bats are important in our world for many reasons. They’re a vital part of pest control, pollination and seed distributors, this benefits us all. Actually, if they’re in your space they’re most likely just as scared and startled as you are.

Removing just one bat or a colony of bats can be done safely and humanely. How you handle the removal is very important in protecting our bat species, following legal protections and greatly appreciated by many. Most bat species are federally protected because of their value and contributions to the eco-system and are becomming few in numbers. Mishandling or killing a federally protected species can result in harsh penalties. Check with your local wildlife agency for any state restrictions or guidelines before excluding a colony of bats.

A single bat in your house is usually no cause for alarm, and is most likely just a lost or confused bat. Most times the “lost” bat will try to locate an exit and leave on its own. You can assist the bat by opening windows and exterior doors, and closing any doors to nearby rooms. Turn off lights and ceiling fans. Remain quiet and patient.

If the bat does not leave on its own and your sure it has not come into contact with anyone, you can safely capture the bat and release it outside. But only if you have researched the safe way to do so. Another better option is to call in a professional company like Bat Specialists of Michigan, who with over 25 years in the business, has the experience needed to handle these great creatures in a safe and legal way.

If your in a situation where you need bat removal services, call us today and see how we can put our expertise to work for you.