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Looking for a humane bat removal in Monroe County, MI? We can help by providing professional bat removal services. We specialize in live bat removal and bat control solutions. We are not pest control exterminators, we use only humane methods in removing bats from your home or building structure.

In Monroe County, MI most of our nuisance wildlife control jobs are bat removal and bat control.  Bat exclusion and prevention is our specialty and is always backed with our guarantee plus a five year warranty. If you need bat extermination or bat pest control in Monroe County, MI we can help. We only use the most humane bat control techniques.

Once we remove all of your unwanted attic bats your Monroe County home can be decontaminated. Your attic will be free of airborne bacteria or fungi that can cause illness. We specialize in attic restoration and bat guano removal as well. Your attic will always be restored back to it’s original state and most instances upgraded to the proper insulation level of R-49 or R-60.

If you need wildlife proofing and bat control in Monroe County, MI we can service most cities within the county. Contact The Bat Specialists of Michigan: (248) 800-4126