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Looking for a humane bat removal or wildlife control company in Saginaw County, MI? We can help and provide an array of bat prevention and bat removal services. We specialize in live bat removal and bat control solutions. We are not pest control exterminators, meaning we do not use poisons to get rid of  animal problems.

In Saginaw County, Mi we specialize in bat control and bat removal jobs. Bat exclusion and prevention are things we take seriously. We provide professional service and always back our work with our five year warranty. If you need bat extermination or bat pest control in Saginaw County, MI we can help. We only use the most humane bat control techniques in the industry.

Once we remove all of your unwanted bats from your Saginaw County home we can decontaminate your attic to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria or fungi that can cause illness if left untreated. We specialize in attic restoration and bat guano removal. Your attic will always be restored back to it’s original state and in some instances upgraded to the proper insulation level of R-49 or R-60.

If you need bat proofing or bat removal services in Saginaw County, Mi contact The Bat Specialists of Michigan: (248)800-4126