We handle all sorts of bat issues on a daily basis. In doing so we always come across insects. Mainly bees, wasp, and bat bugs. Bees, wasps, and ball faced hornets nests we can handle in moderation but if you have a large problem (nest in a wall) we recommend you contact one of our closely related pest control companies listed above. Bat bugs are generally left behind once we exclude the bats. They appear nearly identical to bed bugs, but if you’ve had bats in your attic it is possible to get bat bugs. Bat bugs host on the bats but once bats are removed they may try and use you or your family as their next hosts. The bites are tiny little red bumps that are itchy, similar to bed bug bites. They carry many mites and parasites which will leave the roosting area and enter your home. One solution you may consider is installing a pest control insulation. This will take care of your pest and make your home more energy sufficient.