Skunk Removal Services – 248.361.1528 – It is easy to spot a skunk by its distinctive black and white fur. The easiest way to know one is around is the smell. Skunk removal becomes necessary if a skunk has moved into your property and is interfering with your pets or your ability to enjoy the outdoors.  A skunk will generally avoid people and pets. People will also avoid skunks as much as possible.  The problem is that pets do not understand skunks need to be avoided and usually will have to learn the lesson the hard way. When an animal is sprayed by a skunk it will take many days for it to wear off on its own. Using tomato juice only masks the smell. There are many ways to neutralize the skunk spray and they all depend on oxidizing the chemical in the spray that smells so bad!

Skunks will move into your property and make a den in a secluded area. This can mean they make a den under your deck which can be problematic as you can imagine. They will push over garbage cans and be a general nuisance on your property. They can also carry rabies which can be detrimental to your pets health if they come into contact with the skunk. They eat grubs and insects as well and can destroy landscaping and grass in their search to find them.

We will trap and relocate any problem skunks on your property. We are experts in skunk removal and will do everything we can to ensure that the skunk doesn’t spray during the process of being removed. A tarp will be laid over the trap and we will give the skunk time to calm down before being loaded for relocation. We cannot guarantee a skunk will not spray during removal, though. We will also work with the homeowners or business owners to address the issues the things about the property that attracted a skunk in the first place. This may mean treating the lawn for grubs, installing barriers around decks, and other skunk preventative measures.

If you are in need of skunk removal in south-eastern Michigan please call us today at 248-361-1528.