Spring Bat Removal:

As the snow melts, your roof thaws, the flowers bloom, bugs come out and so do the bats! Spring bat removal, and bat relocation during this time of year is a time sensitive matter.You want to make sure your exclusion and repairs are done before the juvenile pups are born. Maternal mothers will be starting to have their pups sometime during the second or third week of May. During your inspection our technicians can determine if you have a maternal colony of bats with pups. It could also be determined that you have a bachelor male colony of bats. They separate from the maternal mothers during the Spring months. 

Bat removal, bat control and bat relocation during the Spring is a great time to get rid of the bat colony in your attic.The insect population is up and bats have been in hibernation all winter long. Due to that they become very active looking for food and water. If we determine you have a maternity colony with born pups a partial exclusion can still be done. This means 90 percent of the work is already done when its time to perform the live bat exclusion. All other potential entry points where bats can enter your home or attic can be sealed so there is less work when we return. This allows for a hasssel free exclusion and allows you to be bat free in no time.
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