Summertime Bat Removal:

Summertime bat removal becomes necessary if you find they have invaded your home and made a roosting place or maternal colony. While removal is important, it is necessary to wait and be sure all pups are flying before doing an exclusion.

Bats are the only mammals that truly fly, and they are not members of the rodent family. Bat species that live in groups are called colonial bats and species that live alone are called solitary bats.

In Michigan, the common species that are encountered by humans are the big brown bats and the little brown bats. The little brown bat often forms maternity colonies in buildings during spring and summer. The big brown bats form much smaller colonies, typically ranging from 12-200 bats. Pregnant females of each species will congregate in colonies in mines, caves, attics and other dark secluded spaces. In Michigan the bats give birth May through June, with both species producing usually one pup. Young bats grow quickly and are able to fly within about three weeks. Both species of bats live approximately 6-7 years, and often until age 10. There have been a few documentations of little brown bats living over 30 years.

Bats found in Michigan are insectivores. Some of the bats found here can consume up to one half of their body weight in insects in one night. It is a popular misconception that mosquitoes are a main stay in a bats diet, however they do prey on many other harmful insects. Bats are an important part of our eco system and need to be preserved.

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